Want to teach thru us? Freeskool believes we are ALL teachers of something. But each of us comes along with a different experience in education; below are 4 types of teachers we often meet.

When you’re ready to teach, or if you have an event already scheduled, send us a completed class request form.

What Type of Free Skooler might You be?

1-“The Maven”
This FreeSkooler, though she may not consider herself an “educator,” holds more teaching potential than she knows! She knows & talks about the latest & what’s going on in PDX, so she is a Freeskooler. Her brain’s a thrift store of useful info & intristing tchotchkes!
*Mavens basically teach by being themselves: sharing their eyes & ears with us. We hope they share it on our Wall or our WordPress… so we can reTweet their findings. And hey, if you are one, come to some classes too- there’s no better place for a Maven! 🙂

2-“Mr or Mrs Skill Share”
This Free Skooler also may not realize he has something to give, while there are people all over town looking for what he’s got! Do you know carpentry? Love knitting? Dance up a storm? Sharing your know-how often feels as good to you as it does the recipient.
*If you’re a mister of Mrs Skill Share, let us know: simply post on our Facebook Wall, or mention it to us- we meet people all the time, so if you like surprises, we just may call you one day with an opportunity!

3-“The Aspiring Teacher”
If you’re this type of Free Skooler, you’re feeling ready to take the next step. So although at the end of the day it’s up to you to manage his own class, we give you more tools & tips than you could ever use!: an account to advertise your class with, tips for finding a location if you need one, chalk boards and materials to borrow, even limited printing assistance. Not to mention, as you begin, support from one of the biggest Free communities of educators this side of the Columbia. This ain’t our first rodeo, and we love teaching teachers what’s up!
We hope this Free Skooler just jumps right in- they’ll never know until they’ve tried!

4-“The Seasoned Teacher”
This Free Skooler has probably taught before, but maybe came here for one of several reasons. Maybe she hasn’t been able to teach a class PURELY for something SHE wants (college Professors), or to another age group he’s not used to (Elementary or High School teachers). We see it all the time!
We hope this veteran joins our community, alongside our group of pros taking Freeteaching to the next level.

If you’re ready to teach, send us a completed class request form, which can be found here


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