Free Skool “Friday” Announcements: Compelling Classes & Workshops this week!

*”Greening Portland’s Economy” debuts Wednesday night, with our new super-dynamic teacher Jeff Smith…
*”Anxiety and Mindfullness” also Wednesday night, at the Herb Shoppe. It is led by Leanne Reed, M.A., a local mental health practitioner…
*Citybikes Wrench Night Sunday. Learn some bike maintenance & diagnostics for free!
…as well as all the regulars you know & love, at


‎”Think N Drink” Free Skool Social at Milepost 5 Artspace

‎”Think N Drink” Free Skool Social will meet Friday, February 3. We’ll convene around 5:30-6 at Eat-Art-Theatre, Milepost 5 Artspace, where there will be several Artist’s openings next door!
As usual, just look around for a group with our sign,ask around, and enjoy the art. See ya! ~Team Free Skool (note this replaces the Meetup at Lucky Lab tomorrow!)