Your Freeskool Friday Announcements :)

**TODAY @ Lucky Lab Hawthorne 5-8** Come meet fellow Freeskoolers, plot a course for 2012, and discuss whether you prefer Realism or Abstract art hanging in your hallway…

***Classes This Week***
*Today: Social at Lucky Lab
*Sun: Bringing Balance into Your Life at noon…Wrench Nights at CityBikes 3 to 6
*Mon: Portland Homestead Project at 6
*Tue: Memetic Cascadia: The Color of Revolution at 5:30
*Wed: Flourish Women’s Wellness at 6 The Herb Shoppe
*PhysEd Football…Free Music! StopAmerica!…Tai Chi in the Park…Zazen Meditation all in their usual places/times- stop on by, it’s a new year!

**Click our Calendar for locations and more info…**

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