Portland Homestead Project 2012

***This year’s project seeks to create Urban Homesteaders: people who are self-reliant yet interdependent, living off the land… in the city!
***Topics will include:
*food & garden: healthy soil/planting methods…”square inch” farming…composting…permaculture…polyculture…food preservation & preparation…food choices…crop rotation…seasonal planting & winter crops…crop diseases…etc…
*water: rain/stormwater harvesting…conscious consumption…etc…
*home economy: energy & fuel including biodiesel production…energy efficient appliances/electronics/lighting…non-electrical appliances/hand powered…passive cooling/heating…etc…
*animals: raising smallstock…beekeeping…chickens!…aquaponics…etc…
*skills & crafts: survivival skills…canning…preserving…repair…basic carpentry…etc…
*metrics: how will I know how well my homestead is doing?…how can I calculate how much money I’m saving?…how will we share our experiences “on the fly”?…should I invest time or money?…personalizing your Homestead…etc…

***Our first bit of time will obviously be spent discussing & planning. Then, members can begin joining “circles”: groups they want to focus on for 2012. Join as many as you have the time & motivation for!
As a bonus, you will have the option to present what you learn this year at any of our meetings 🙂

*the PDX Homestead Project is facilitated by Christopher B Rockaway, Environmental Engineer. Chris has worked as an Environmental, Cost, Production, & Efficiency Engineer for a Fortune 100 company voted “Most Ethical Company” by the Ethisphere Institute, 6 years running. He is also a long-time teacher, facilitator, and former columnist & college faculty member.
He is 33 and resides in Portland Oregon on a burgeoning urban homestead.

***Appeal from Mr Rockaway: hello, this is Chris. If you know someone who is an expert in 1 of the above areas, or who simply enjoys talking about them, please, let us know! Despite my Engineering expertise, and small-town self-reliant upbringing, the field of “homesteading” is just too big for 1 person alone! Thus, this project may be steered by me, but it will be empowered by all of you. Won’t you take a moment and think of someone you know- a great gardener, home canner, chicken/goat owner, survivalist, etc- and let them know we are looking for them.
Your Homesteading neighbors will thank you!

*On Facebook at “Portland Homestead Project 2012”
*On Freeskool’s Calendar- save the date for the first meeting January 2nd!

(project inspired by the Dervaes family at http://urbanhomestead.org/urban-homestead#facts )

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