New Class: Buddhism, the Brain, and Psychology

This class will explore the intersection of these 3 in our internal & external lives.
Our journey will broadly aim to explore modern Psychology using traditionally Buddhist tools, in light of new technologies that can peer inside the living Brain. The class will be didactic as well as interactive.

Topics will include: just about anything you can imagine.

We will pull from several popular sources, including:
Mindsight, by Dr Daniel Siegel
Radio Lab the Podcast, by WNYC
Man’s Search for Meaning, by Viktor Frankl
A Path with Heart, by Jack Kornfield
The Century of the Self, by BBC
The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom, by Jonathan Haidt
Drive: the Hidden Truth about what Motivates Us, by Daniel Pink

All are available at Powell’s Books as well as online. Feel free to engage these sources before the start of class.

Class begins the next to last weekend of January and continues for 7 weekly sessions, at Tabor Space on Belmont, unless otherwise noted on the Freeskool Calendar.

Please email portlandfreeskoolgmailcom for more information, or if you’d like to ask the instructor a specific question.


Portland Homestead Project 2012

***This year’s project seeks to create Urban Homesteaders: people who are self-reliant yet interdependent, living off the land… in the city!
***Topics will include:
*food & garden: healthy soil/planting methods…”square inch” farming…composting…permaculture…polyculture…food preservation & preparation…food choices…crop rotation…seasonal planting & winter crops…crop diseases…etc…
*water: rain/stormwater harvesting…conscious consumption…etc…
*home economy: energy & fuel including biodiesel production…energy efficient appliances/electronics/lighting…non-electrical appliances/hand powered…passive cooling/heating…etc…
*animals: raising smallstock…beekeeping…chickens!…aquaponics…etc…
*skills & crafts: survivival skills…canning…preserving…repair…basic carpentry…etc…
*metrics: how will I know how well my homestead is doing?…how can I calculate how much money I’m saving?…how will we share our experiences “on the fly”?…should I invest time or money?…personalizing your Homestead…etc…

***Our first bit of time will obviously be spent discussing & planning. Then, members can begin joining “circles”: groups they want to focus on for 2012. Join as many as you have the time & motivation for!
As a bonus, you will have the option to present what you learn this year at any of our meetings 🙂

*the PDX Homestead Project is facilitated by Christopher B Rockaway, Environmental Engineer. Chris has worked as an Environmental, Cost, Production, & Efficiency Engineer for a Fortune 100 company voted “Most Ethical Company” by the Ethisphere Institute, 6 years running. He is also a long-time teacher, facilitator, and former columnist & college faculty member.
He is 33 and resides in Portland Oregon on a burgeoning urban homestead.

***Appeal from Mr Rockaway: hello, this is Chris. If you know someone who is an expert in 1 of the above areas, or who simply enjoys talking about them, please, let us know! Despite my Engineering expertise, and small-town self-reliant upbringing, the field of “homesteading” is just too big for 1 person alone! Thus, this project may be steered by me, but it will be empowered by all of you. Won’t you take a moment and think of someone you know- a great gardener, home canner, chicken/goat owner, survivalist, etc- and let them know we are looking for them.
Your Homesteading neighbors will thank you!

*On Facebook at “Portland Homestead Project 2012”
*On Freeskool’s Calendar- save the date for the first meeting January 2nd!

(project inspired by the Dervaes family at )

“Bringing Balance into Our Lives” ~ great turnout

The workshop had a nice turnout today, with 4 people at Holgate Library. Professor Stan gave a nice overview of the topic, as well as answered LOTS of student questions 🙂
Looking forward to the January 8th meeting where we’ll apparently review the overview, then move into the more pressing matters of “OK, now that we see it, what can we do about it?”
A great time to find balance again after the craziness of the holidays, don’t you think? 🙂

Free Energy Workshop spied by Freeskoolers

this looked good, so we thought we’d share it with you 🙂

Green Savers Energy Specialists and Sunlight Solar Energy are
teaming up to bring you a free workshop that will inform you of the
investments you can make that will help you take control of your
Learn about how you can go solar at an affordable cost, retrofit
your home to be more efficient, decrease your utility bills, and all the
great tax incentives that come along with these options!
Hollywood Senior Center
1820 NE 40
Wednesday, December 14th