Esozone Mutant Unconference

Free Lectures, Classes and Music!
Friday Nov 18th & Saturday Nov 19th

338 NW 6th Ave, Portland OR

November 18 (Friday)

8:00 PM: Digital Hipsterism: Anti-intellectual Movements in Social Media presented by Eric Schiller.

9:00 PM: Time, Space, and the Self are Illusions – So Do ‘You’ Wanna Go ‘Out’ with ‘Me’ ‘Tonight’? presented by Tom Henderson, author of Punk Mathematics

10:00 PM: The Duke of Uke

11:00 PM: DJ Princess Starbright Crystal Initiatrix

November 19 (Saturday)

1:15 PM: Occupy the Astral Plane with Danny Chaoflux. (Participation is entirely optional.)

2:00 PM Yoga for Slackers.

3:30 PM Grant Writing for Artists and Other Alien Beings with Amanda Sledz.

4:15 PM Anarcho-Sewing: Making Clothes Without a Sewing Machine with Jillian Ordes-Finley.

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