Dismantling Corporate Rule Workshop

Tuesday Nov 15, 2-4pm
Tuesday Nov 22, 2-4pm

Occupy Portland Library Workshop Tent

location to be determined, check the website listed below

taught by Paul Cienfuegos

“We the People are more powerful than we dare to believe. For more than a century now, since large corporations won the “rights” of persons under the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, We the People have been slowly forgetting who We are. And forgetting that the Founding Fathers designed corporations as a subordinate legal fiction, chartered to serve a specific public need and to cause no harm. How far we have strayed from that reality! But it doesn’t have to be that way.”

“If we relearn our history, if we understand again that corporations were designed to serve us, not to rule us, in this democratic republic, then we can reclaim our sovereignty. Once we understand this, the sky’s the limit. We can rein in corporate constitutional “rights” as have more than 100 communities in PA, NH, ME, and VI. We can get back to governing ourselves, collectively determining what a majority of us wants, in this nation founded on the principle of majority rule.”

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