Volunteers Needed to Distribute October Calendar in Their Local Neighborhoods

October calendars have been printed and we need volunteers to distribute them in their local neighborhoods. This means visiting the cafes, co-ops, and community spaces in your neighborhood and putting the calendar onto the bulletin board. It might also mean taking down and replacing the September calendar if it happens to be there. If there is no space, you can take down a poster for an event that has already occurred.

We would like volunteers for N, NE, SE, SW, and NW. Specific streets and neighborhoods we want to hit: Alberta St, Mississippi St, Hawthorn St, Killingsworth St, Division St, Woodstock St, Sellwood, Pearl, Downtown, PSU and any other places we forgot!

I will drop off 10 or 15 calendars with each volunteer. Message me on facebook, or send an email to portlandfreeskool@gmail.com, or reply here.

Portland Free Skool is a radical project. It is part of an alternative world that exists in parallel with the world of money, hierarchy, capitalism and state control. It is a seed that germinates in each mind that encounters it. We need your help to start building the gift economy today!

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